Events with GLOPACK

Thanks to our dedicated Partners, GLOPACK is continuously presented at different events all over the world.


11 September 2019-EIT Awareness Day: Innovative approaches in consumer science: practical applications in food and beverage sectors- for the Modernisation of the Hungarian food industry (Budapest, Hungary)

The approach of EIT puts the needs and concerns of consumers at the heart of the food value chain, co-creating ideas to drive a more resource-efficient, secure, trusted and transparent food system. During the Awareness Day, GLOPACK was presented by Campden BRI Hungary.

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17 July 2019-Organic Food South Conference “Zero Waste” (Aichach, Germany)

The challenges in the application of sustainable packaging from a practitioners’ point of view were presented by Ecozept.


19 March 2019- Sustainable packaging: smart choices and shelf life testing seminar- IFE 2019, (London, UK)

The aim of this seminar was to help industry make informed choices on the types of materials and design of packaging that reduce plastic use and increase recyclability.

The methodology of GLOPACK was presented by Campden BRI Hungary.

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17 November 2018Confernece on „A ma iránt érzett felelősség a jövő záloga – átalakuló mezőgazdaság a Homokhátságon” (Szatymaz, Hungary)

The conference focused on the future opportunities of the agriculture in Homokhátság. Campden BRI Hungary presented the directions of new developments in vegetables packaging.

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7 November 2018- Digitrends/ Logistics Conference (Budapest, Hungary)

Digitrends/Logistics aims at fostering discussion among corporates, research institutions and SMEs on the challanges of driving digital transformation in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The event will feature high-level keynotes from industry greats offering a glimpse of the experience, anticipation and challenges of going digital.

Campden BRI Hungary presented the connection of Industry 4.0/digitalization and the GLOPACK project.

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31 August 2018- VII. Hungarian Paprika Day (Szentes, Hungary)

The main aim of the event to present and discuss the main results and new opportunities for the paprika sector.

Campden BRI Hungary presented the concept of GLOPACK in light with the features of modern vegetable packaging and product development.

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