Publications with Open Access

Sludge retention time impacts on polyhydroxyalkanoate productivity in uncoupled storage/growth processes

Authors: MarianaMatos, Rafaela A. P. Cruz, Pedro Cardoso, Fernando Silva, Elisabete B. Freitas, Gilda Carvalho, Maria A.M. Reis

Science of The Total Environment 2021, Volume 799, 149363.

Impact of the processing temperature on the crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of poly[R-3-hydroxybutyrate-co-(R-3-hydroxyvalerate)]

Authors: Julie Bossu, Nicolas Le Moigne, Philippe Dieudonné-George, Loïc Dumazert, Valérie Guillard, Hélène Angellier-Coussy

Polymers 2021Volume 229, 123987

3D Modelling of Mass Transfer into Bio-Composite

Authors: Marouane Kabbe, Valérie Guillard, Hélène Angellier-Coussy, Caroline Wolf, Nathalie Gontard, Sébastien Gaucel

Polymers 202113(14), 2257

The Use of Modeling Tools to Better Evaluate the Packaging Benefice on Our Environment

Authors: Fanny Coffigniez, Céline Matar, Sébastien Gaucel, Nathalie Gontard, Stéphane Guilbert, Valérie Guillard

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 21 April 2021

Effect of the Molecular Structure of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3- hydroxyvalerate) (P(3HB-3HV)) Produced from Mixed Bacterial Cultures on Its Crystallization and Mechanical Properties

Authors: Julie Bossu, Heléne Angellier-Coussy, ̀ Cedric Totee, Mariana Matos, Maria Reis, Valerie Guillard

Biomacromolecules 2020, 21, 12, 4709–4723

The Next Generation of Sustainable Food Packaging to Preserve Our Environment in a Circular Economy Context

Authors: Valérie Guillard, Sébastien Gaucel, Claudio Fornaciari, Hélène Angellier-Coussy, Patrice Buche, Nathalie Gontard

Frontiers in Nutrition, 04 December 2018,

Publications with Restricted Access

A Flexible Biopolymer based UHF RFID-Sensor for food quality monitoring

Authors: Benjamin Saggin, Yassin Belaizi; Arnaud Vena; Brice Sorli; Valerie Guillard; Isabelle Dedieu

2019 IEEE International Conference on RFID Technology and Applications (RFID-TA), Pisa, Italy, 2019, pp. 484-487. doi: 10.1109/RFID-TA.2019.8892248

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