Events with GLOPACK

Thanks to our dedicated Partners, GLOPACK is continuously presented at different events all over the world!

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash


🇭🇺 25th September 2020- EIT Food Awareness Day: How EIT Food is tackling the challenges of the food industry: through customer-centricity and boosting the innovation and entrepreneurship of the university students and young professionals

The EIT Awareness Day targeted university students and young professionals to present the opportunities offered by the EIT Food for them and also to start a dialogue on the challanges of the food industry.

The overall objectives of GLOPACK were presented during the section meetings.

🇫🇷 18th June 2020- 5th MYPACK Consortium Meeting (On-line)

One of our sister projects, MYPACK H2020 invited us to share our research objectives and achievement at their Consortium Meeting.

🇧🇪14 June 2020- ILSI Europe Webinar Food packaging is it just for protection or is there more to it

On 14 June 2020, our project partner, Pack4Food participated in an online event focusing on food packaging.

The webinar explored key concepts in food packaging functionality, convenience and how those aspects can be balanced with sustainability and safety.

🇬🇧3-10 June 2020- Campden BRI Experience

This year, the Annual Campden BRI Day was organised in a different format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Campden BRI Experience was such a great and interactive way to get familiar with the activities of Campden BRI.

🇭🇺 21st April 2020- Hungarian GLOPACK webinar

Webinars are a great way to connect with people in times like this.

The aim of the webinar was to present the progress of GLOPACK to partners of Campdeb BRI Hungary.

🇩🇪 13th February 2020- Biofach Congress (Nürnberg, Germany, France)

BIOFACH is the world´s leading trade fair for organic food. It was the perfect opportunity for visiting professionals to meet organic producers from the organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest trends.

Ecozept, Fraunhofer and La vie est belle had a presentation with the title of “Sustainable packaging: how market actors put scientific findings into practice?”

🇫🇷4th February 2020- Plastiques [r]évolutions! of Deloitte Développement Durable (Paris, France)

Our Coordinator participated in a round table discussion organised by Deloitte Développement Durable where Valerie presented the GLOPACK activities and the scientific evolutions in the field of biodegradable packaging.

🇫🇷27th January 2020- Innovative solutions for food packaging workshop organized ANIA and the REINWASTE Interreg project (Paris, France)

ANIA (French National Association for Food Industries) and REINWASTE Interrog project co-organized a workshop focused innovative solutions for food packaging.

University of Montpellier presented GLOPACK and our way of dealing with eco-conception of eco-friendly food packaging and participated to the round table discussion.


🇮🇹29th November 2019- MED project Embrace – “European Med-clusters Boosting Remunerative Agro-Wine Circular Economy” workshop (Venice, Italy)

EMBRACE project organized a workhop in Italy in order to support innovation processes in MED area according to the principle of Circular Economy.

GLOPACK project partner, Innoven and one of the Stakeholders’ Platform members, Neru Su Bianco participated at the event.

🇭🇺26th November 2019- Campden BRI Hungary Open Day (Budapest, Hungary)

The aim of the Campden BRI Hungary Open Day is to interract with the prominent representatives of Hungarian food industry and policy makers.

The main topic of this year’s event was the opportuntity of Modernization and Industry 4.0 can offer to the food indsutry.

GLOPACK had its own task and was presented to the participants showing the main objectives and results available for the participants.

🇮🇪1st October 2019- 5th Annual Predict Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

Predict is Europe’s leading data conference. It is designed to bring together thought leaders and innovators in the fields of data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and technology.

Creme Global presented GLOPACK at this talk on data modelling to achieve better, more sustainable packaging.

🇵🇹27 September 2019- European Researchers’ Night (Lisbon, Portugal)

The European Researchers’ Night is an initiative funded by the European Commission, through Marie Curie Actions, aiming to celebrate Science and reduce the gap between researchers and citizens.

The main topic of this year was “SciCity – Science in the City”. The theme seeks to respond to the main concerns of urban communities related to the global changes planned for the coming decades, highlighting the relevance of science to ensure the quality of life in cities of the future and the preservation of cultural heritage as an essential factor for sustainability.

iBET represented GLOPACK at this event.

🇮🇹12 September 2019-Residual Biomasses for Eco-compatible and Sustainable Food Packaging workshop (Trieste, Italy)

The workshop orgnized by the PROLIFIC Consortium focused on new technological and industrial solutions to transform agrifood waste into food products, animal feeds, packaging materials and cosmetic ingredients.

GLOPACK was presented by Coopbox.

🇭🇺11 September 2019-EIT Awareness Day: Innovative approaches in consumer science: practical applications in food and beverage sectors- for the Modernisation of the Hungarian food industry (Budapest, Hungary)

The approach of EIT puts the needs and concerns of consumers at the heart of the food value chain, co-creating ideas to drive a more resource-efficient, secure, trusted and transparent food system. During the Awareness Day, GLOPACK was presented by Campden BRI Hungary.

🇩🇪17 July 2019-Organic Food South Conference “Zero Waste” (Aichach, Germany)

🇵🇹18-10 July 2019- Ciência 2019, National Science Summit’19 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Ciência 2019 was the latest edition of the annual meeting of Portuguese researchers. It aimed at promoting a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the world of research. The meeting main goal was to stimulate not just the participation but also the interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

iBET represented GLOPACK at this event.

🇬🇧19 March 2019- Sustainable packaging: smart choices and shelf life testing seminar- IFE 2019, (London, UK)

The aim of this seminar was to help industry make informed choices on the types of materials and design of packaging that reduce plastic use and increase recyclability.

🇧🇪13-14 February 2019- ACIUS’ European Biopolymer Summit 2019 (Ghent, Belgium)

ACI’s European Biopolymer Summit 2019 brought together sexperts from biopolymers’ manufacturers, chemical companies, and consultants, to discuss the latest changes, challenges and developments within the industry.

iBET represented GLOPACK at this event.


🇭🇺17 November 2018Confernece on „A ma iránt érzett felelősség a jövő záloga – átalakuló mezőgazdaság a Homokhátságon” (Szatymaz, Hungary)

The conference focused on the future opportunities of the agriculture in Homokhátság. Campden BRI Hungary presented the directions of new developments in vegetables packaging.

🇭🇺7 November 2018- Digitrends/ Logistics Conference (Budapest, Hungary)

Digitrends/Logistics aims at fostering discussion among corporates, research institutions and SMEs on the challanges of driving digital transformation in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The event will feature high-level keynotes from industry greats offering a glimpse of the experience, anticipation and challenges of going digital.

Campden BRI Hungary presented the connection of Industry 4.0/digitalization and the GLOPACK project.

🇭🇺31 August 2018- VII. Hungarian Paprika Day (Szentes, Hungary)

The main aim of the event to present and discuss the main results and new opportunities for the paprika sector.

Campden BRI Hungary presented the concept of GLOPACK in light with the features of modern vegetable packaging and product development.

🇩🇪5 July 2018- MyPack workshop: Innovating for the future of packaging in the frame of the EU Circular Economy strategy (Stuttgart, Germany)

The purpose of the MyPack workshop was to plan of future collaboration and mutual learning between GLOPACK and the other two H2020 granted packaging projects, MyPack and YPACK.

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