Methodology and Structure

The GLOPACK approach is comprised of five, clear and strongly focused key actions that are each represented by a dedicated work package.

Among these five work packages, WP1 is creating and developing a Decision Support System (DSS) and modelling tools (Expert Models Platform & database) in close interaction with the all major players of the food value chain (via partners and members of the Stakeholders’ platform) that will support GLOPACK usage-driven strategy, computing some scores of acceptance, scaling up and sustainability to guide the user (packaging user or maker) in his/her choice of packaging solutions. In compliance with ethic principles and protection of personal data WP1 will collect, preferences, acceptances and requirements of all stakeholders of the food chain,

including consumers, regarding eco-innovative packaging solutions. Collected data and Expert Models will enable the customisation of the packaging’s properties to meet the functional, cost, safety and environmental impact requirements.

The three following work packages (WPs 2 to 4) focus on demonstrating of the WP1’s strategy on three key unlocking packaging technologies, namely bio-circular packaging materials from agro-food residues, anti-microbial and O2 scavenging active systems and RFID bio-based sensor for food shelf-life tracking. WP2 and WP3 are dedicated to the large-scale production of bio-circular, active and intelligent optimized prototypes which will be further tested using real-world usage patterns by end-users (food companies, retailers and consumers) in WP4 up to first market replication for one selected product to validate the integrated packaging system (bio-, active and intelligent functionalities) on the entire food supply chain. At this stage, usage benefit in terms of food losses reduction of each solution, used alone or in combination, will be assessed.

WP5 is deciphering business models and developing market analysis for identifying and assessing the feasibility of new business concepts for food packaging innovations. To complete this, WP5 also plan to communicate GLOPACK outcomes (approaches, results, tools, etc.) to relevant stakeholders according to a clear dissemination strategy in order to sustain GLOPACK efforts and maximize project impact. Particularly, WP5 is setting up a consumer targeted dissemination strategy with the creation, testing and validation of a new concept of Front-Of- Package food labelling systems (based on the example of FOP nutritional labels) aiming at promoting the benefit in terms of resource, usage and waste of each GLOPACK packaging innovation in a very easy-to understand manner compared

to benchmarks.

WP6 ensures the overall project management with special attention to specific challenges related to the data management, ‘Stakeholders’ platform and partnership.


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