Progress report on market and business concept analysis


The Deliverable 5.4 titled “Progress report on market and business concept analysis” aims at establishing the state of work conducted for the task 5.3 in the GLOPACK project. Task 5.3 aims at investigating the market and existing business concepts designed for biobased and biodegradable, active and intelligent packaging application and the decision-making software.

The results of the analysis, as presented here, will be the basis for task 5.5 of GLOPACK which will identify – from June 2019 onwards – feasible business opportunities and marketing strategies for a better market acceptance of biobased and biodegradable, active and intelligent packaging including a software for packaging decision-making.

The market analysis is based on a literature review and expert interviews among a large panel of packaging experts. The target group comprises a wide range of packaging companies focussing on biobased and biodegradable applications, active packaging companies, intelligent packaging companies, food companies (food manufacturers), food retailers, food service providers (e.g. packaging design agencies or consultants), key decision makers and other experts.

The expert interviews for task 5.3 were conducted jointly with interviews for task 1.1 of GLOPACK as the target groups of both interviews overlapped. Task 1.1 aims at mapping and analyzing stakeholders’ preferences, acceptances and expectations.

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