What is the story of Glopack

The GLOPACK (Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging) project is investigating food packaging with no environmental footprint and the ability to extend the shelf life of food products.

The project is focusing on three food packaging areas:

  • biodegradable materials made from agro-food residues
  • active packaging to improve food preservation and shelf life without additives
  • RFID enabled wireless food spoilage indicators linked to food date labels

As part of the GLOPACK concept a decision-supporting tool will be developed to help designing and communicating eco-innovative packaging alternatives to all end-users.

GLOPACK project also has a Stakeholders’ Platform where the members

  • have early access the GLOPACK results,
  • can meet other stakeholders,
  • can connect to people in their own field of work,
  • can discuss the issues related to sustainable and biodegradable food packaging with peers,
  • can explain their needs for new packaging solutions and the pre-requisites of their practical applications in your work.

Be part of the future of food packaging and join to our Stakeholders’ Platform!

To learn more about the Stakeholders’ Platform: https://glopack2020.eu/stakeholder-platform-2/

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