Bio-packaging with advanced active functionalities

A range of finalized bio-packaging with advanced active functionalities
The GLOPACK active and intelligent packaging

Different solutions of active packaging were developed within the GLOPACK project.


The first one consists of a PHBV matrix (a commercial grade was used) added with carvacrol. This solution has to be applied for falafel (vegetarian foods) MAP packaging.

Encapsulated carvacrol with beta-cyclodextrins was considered, to protect the molecule from thermal degradation, and the project partners work to upgrade the different production steps: palletization, extrusions and thermoforming. 

LAE (Ethyl lauroyl arginate, E-243)

Palletization and extrusion were the same starting steps also for the inclusion of LAE (Ethyl lauroyl arginate, E-243) in the PHBV matrix, but injection molding instead of the thermoforming process was considered, in order to obtain active cups.

Fresh cheese was packed in MAP conditions in the active cups and the shelf life was evaluated.

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